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Precautions For The Use Of All-mechanical Loading Excavators
Oct 09, 2018

1, the driver must be trained qualified to use rubber wheel loading excavator, and according to the requirements of this manual operation, Maintenance.

2. Before using the new loading excavator, all exposed connectors and solid parts must be inspected and tightened as Necessary.

3, in the use of new loading excavators, must be in accordance with the provisions of oil, water, fuel oil, as well as the lubrication of each lubrication Point. 

4, The new factory loading excavator must be in accordance with the running-in procedures to put into use. The digging operation was running for 30 Hours.

5, the driver in the excavation work, should check the surrounding unmanned, can Work.

6, do not park under the HV wire, the operation should be away from the hv, and the minimum safety distance of the HV lines should be less than 4 meters.

7, in the inspection, adjustment, repair loading excavator should first shut down the ENGINE.

8, when the Anti-bucket landing and shovel work, prohibit the use of steering, so as not to damage the mechanical parts.

9. When walking, Please insert the digging arm and move to locate SHAW.

10, strictly prohibit sharp turns, downhill strictly prohibit high-speed, empty stall and emergency brakes.

11, prohibit overloading, do not allow the weight of the goods offset.

12, strictly prohibit the vehicle or the engine to carry on the overhaul or the adjustment during the work, the movable arm shovel is forbidden the person, the improper operation, the lubrication, the maintenance and the repair may be dangerous, simultaneously may cause the personnel casualties.

13, in order to ensure the safety of the driver and others, please pay attention to loading the excavator warning signs and strictly abide By.

14, the work is strictly forbidden to use the clutch control speed.

15, digging arm with a crusher when walking the steering wheel is prohibited, easy rollover.