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Performance Characteristics Of Full-work Excavator Loader
Oct 09, 2018

1, Increase the cab, arc safety glass, Spacious and bright.

2, table: Water temperature, oil temperature, current, at a glance.

3, the use of famous brand hydraulic parts, double pump confluence, strong power, mining, loading to achieve hydraulic power supply.

4, adjustable seat, easy to use, Comfortable.

5, the Hinge-type front and rear frame, turning radius is small, hydraulic steering, easy to operate, Convenient.

6, Hydraulic walking, Digging maneuver arm to achieve translation, expand the excavation Range.

7. Fully equipped with all the functions of small excavators and Loaders.

8, Superior Machine performance, with extraordinary operating Efficiency. 

9, can be equipped with a variety of optional pieces to meet the needs of different users.