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Our service we provide  across the whole supply chain covering pre-sale, designing, manufacturing,delivery, installation & test run and after sale support through our experienced professionals. This service aims to de-risk of Chinese equipment supply, balance quality, cost and delivery and optimize equipment configuration to raise performance and profitability.

Pre-Sales Service

1. 24 hours online consultation service 

2. Inquiry and consulting support

3. Visiting manufacturer and free accommodation and pick- up service

4.Advising and Providing solution and designing and customization

5.Complete shipment from factory to warehouse 

After-Sales Service

1.Training how to install machines, training how to operate machines

2.Technician is available to working site to guide installation, adjustment and testing,training operators how to operate machines.

3. Complete technical assistance,working site investigation and comprehensive service in the complete process. Considering applied technology and economic factors, reasonable construction schemes and corollary equipments for our machines

4. We help our clients to conduct some site technical training, provide some characteristic services for key projects, afford some technical exchange chances, carry out some major maintenance service, and establish some thorough product files.