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Knowledge Of Mining Loader Safety Operations
Oct 09, 2018

Digging loader before digging to the bucket mouth and legs with the ground fixed, so that the front and rear wheel slightly off the ground, and maintain the level of the fuselage, in order to improve mechanical Stability. Before digging a job, you should turn the bucket upside down to the ground, and leave the front wheel slightly off the floor, step down and lock the brake pedal, and then extend the leg so that the rear wheel leaves the floor and maintains a horizontal Position.

When the boom falls halfway, such as sudden braking, its inertia caused by the impact will damage the excavation device, and can destroy the stability of the machine and cause tipping accidents. When working, the joystick should be smooth and not move sharply, while the boom should not be braked halfway. Do not use high speed gears when digging. The rotation should be smooth, not impact and used to smash the side of the Groove. The buffer block at the rear of the boom should be kept intact and, if damaged, should be repaired before use. When shifting, the excavation device should be in the middle transport state, the leg is lifted, the lift arm can be carried Out. Before loading the operation, the rotary mechanism of the excavation device should be placed in the middle position and fixed with a pull Plate. In the loading process, a low speed file should be Used.

The bucket lift arm should not use the Valve's floating position when lifting. The hydraulic control system distribution valve has the first four valves and the rear four valve points, the first four valve control legs, lifting arms and loading bucket, for leg stretching and loading operations, the rear four valve operation bucket, swing, boom and bucket handle, etc., for slewing and excavation Operations. Mechanical dynamic performance and hydraulic system capabilities are not permitted and cannot be carried out simultaneously for loading and digging operations. In the first four valve operation, the rear four valve must not work at the same time. In the driving or operation, except the cab, the backhoe loader anywhere is strictly prohibited to ride or stand personnel. Avoid high-speed or sharp turns during driving to prevent Accidents. Do not glide when Downhill.

When the hydraulic piston rod of the bucket and the handle is kept fully in position, the bucket can be moved close to the boom and the excavation device is in the shortest state, which is advantageous for driving. When driving, the legs should be fully retracted, the excavation device should be fixed firmly, the loading device should be lowered, bucket and bucket handle hydraulic piston rod should be maintained fully. After the wheeled tractor is converted into a backhoe loader, the machine weight increases a lot, in order to reduce the damage of the tyre under heavy load, and take the measures of the rear wheel off the ground when Parked. When the parking time exceeds, should support legs, so that the rear wheel off the ground, parking time is more than, should make the rear wheel off the ground, and should be in the rear suspension under the cushion block Support.