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6 Important Precautions For Loading And Unloading Of Small Excavators
Oct 09, 2018

1, not allowed to drive on the side of the bucket, shovel shovel cargo should be balanced, not allowed to load the bucket of GOODS.

2, the Engine's water temperature and lubricating oil temperature to meet the specified value can be carried out full-load operation, when the water temperature, oil temperature exceeds the specified lower oil temperature can work, otherwise it will damage the ENGINE.

3, Small excavator is used for loading and short-haul transport of bulk materials of the vehicle, the use of buckets is prohibited digging operations.

4. It is forbidden to shovel the goods in the angle of the front and rear Bodywork. before taking the goods, the front and rear bodywork should be formed in a straight line, right and close to the cargo heap, while the bucket equal contact with the ground, and then pick up the GOODS.

5, the driver from the front, the bucket should be placed on the ground, prohibit the driver from the car when the bucket is suspended, prohibit the use of bucket lifting personnel engaged in high-level operations. 

6, in the dump material for the truck, the bucket before turning over the vehicle, the unloading action should be eased. in the unloading operation, should pay attention to the bucket do not touch the car. in the push or scraping operation, should observe the operation at any time, found that the vehicle forward obstruction, should be prudent operation, not forced Forward.