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Overhaul Of Heat Sink Of Excavator For High Temperature Fire Hazard
Oct 09, 2018

The excavator should meet the heat balance test of the engine and the whole machine at the factory. in summer time, the long working temperature should be maintained at a 70, 80 degrees.

As time goes by, the thermal performance of the excavator Decreases. cleaning the heatsink is an important measure to relieve the Heat.

The radiator has a series and parallel form, now more and more popular parallel radiator, water dispersion and oil dispersed in parallel, some machines will air conditioning condenser placed in front of the radiator. at this time the chiller is cleaned and cleaned together. The radiator structure is the fin radiator fin deformation blockage, with a screwdriver gently restored to the Original. caused by the radiator block is flying in the sky cotton, debris, dust, and Oil.

Under the action of the above elements, the radiator dispersion performance Decreased. When cleaning, first remove the radiator around the cover, clean up the surrounding debris, you can use the air and water gun cleaning, pay attention to air pressure and gun pressure. when flushing with the use of the fin cleaning agent, cleaning the effect of better, to deal with difficult stains, no problem!